Computer Checkups
Don’t know what’s wrong with your computer?  We’ll do a complete diagnostic and figure out what is making your computer act up.

New Computer Setup
Race car drivers rely on expert mechanics to ensure their machines are performance tuned and running optimally.  Computers need tuning too.  New computers regularly ship bloated with advertisements and with minimal protection or trial offers that expire in a short period. When you’re ready to buy a new computer, do it the right way. We’re here to help.

With our New Computer Set-up we will:

    • Help pick out the right machine for you and ship it to our store.
  • In store, our techs will remove any extraneous software that will slow down your computer.
  • We will install ACG recommended software to help maximize your computer’s performance.

Start your new computer right by getting a professional setup configuration, complete with the best antivirus and antispyware tools, hand picked by professionals.  The leaner your machine runs, the faster it runs; the more secure it runs, the longer it will stay running fast.  Proper maintenance is required – but don’t worry! Our Nerds will take care of everything at your 6-12 month recommended check-ups.

New Computer Setup Package
Choosing a computer can be as difficult as making it work properly. We’ll help you choose the computer that best suits your needs, and then configure it for optimal usage when it comes in.

Data Backup to CD/DVD
Backing up data from an old computer can be tedious and difficult. We’ll transfer your important documents, pictures, music, and other data onto industry standard CDs or DVDs so that you can transfer your data to another computer and have a safe backup available whenever you need it.

Full Data Backup Image
Want an exact replica of everything on your older computer? We can duplicate everything on your computer – or just what you’ll need for the future.

Notebook Keyboard Installation
Whether you have damaged keys or sticky spills, a broken keyboard can make it impossible to work on the computer. Bring it to us and we’ll fix any salvageable keyboard.

Operating System Reinstallations and Patches
Clean up your operating system and get your computer running just as fast as it was the day you bought it. We’ll prevent most future problems from occurring by installing patches and updates to the system. If needed, full or partial back-ups for your system are also available.  New Computer Setup included with this service at no extra charge.

Crashed Hard Disk Recovery
When your hardware crashes, it can leave you feeling helpless. We are highly adept at recovering salvageable data.  Whether your hard disk has failed mechanically or through software malfunction, you want to take it to us. We have specialized tools for data recovery, and if worse comes to worse, we can get you special rates from professional clean room data recovery specialists that we’re partners with.